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MIAMI, Fl., May 2023 - ViendoMovies, the channel owned by SOMOSTV (company chaired by Luis Villanueva and part of SOMOS Group) that programs the best films produced in Spanish, 24 hours a day and without commercial breaks, presents a month of June full of novelties that will give its audience a unique opportunity to enjoy recognized productions and celebrate the art and talent of the most significant stars of the international film industry in Spanish. . The channel presents this month a selection of high quality films in its weekly premieres, as well as the opportunity to appreciate the filmography of Spanish actor and musician Luis Tosar, one of the most recognized and versatile talents in Spain.

Luis Tosar began his career performing theater and short films, but gained notoriety in Galicia for his performance in the television series Mareas Vivas (Televisión de Galicia) in 1998. The actor in his film career has won 41 awards, including 3 Goyas, several Mestre Mateos, Cineuphorias, Union of Spanish Actors, Fotogramas de Plata, Festival de Almería, Valladolid Festival and many others. The cycle of this award-winning talent of the Spanish-language cinema begins with the award-winning production Cell 211, winner of 44 awards (Domingo 4), followed by Toro, nominated for 6 awards (Domingo 11), El Desconocido, winner of 14 awards (Domingo 18) and 1808: The Last of the Philippines, awarded with the Goya Award (Sunday 25). All these films will be scheduled in prime time at 9 pm (EST) and show Luis Tosar in all his acting range and in different genres.

ViendoMovies also presents as part of its weekly novelties a selection of high-profile films such as En Temporada Baja, ¡Ánimo Juventud!, Si Yo Fuera Rico and Las Furias. En Temporada Baja is a comedy starring Antonio Resines, Edu Soto, Coque Malla and Fele Martínez and tells the story of four men who for economic reasons are forced to live in a campsite in a series of hilarious circumstances. On the other hand, ¡Ánimo Juventud!, winner of the Morelia Festival Award, is a comedy that explores the loves, dreams and fears of four teenagers in Mexico City who rebel against the adult world.

Finally, Si Yo Fuera Rico is a parody of the situation of a man whose wife is filing for divorce. He wins 25 million euros in the lottery, and tries to hide it to avoid sharing half of the prize. Las Furias, which closes the premieres of the month, is a recognized drama that takes place in a family reunion. In a house for sale there is a wedding to celebrate. A weekend full of secrets to reveal.

ABOUT VIENDOMOVIES: ViendoMovies is a Pay-TV channel that programs exclusive contemporary cinema in Spanish, without commercial breaks 24 hours a day, in premium and culturally relevant packaging. ViendoMovies is produced in the United States for the Hispanic market in that country and Puerto Rico and is part of SOMOSTV LLC. For more information, visit and


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