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SOMOS Productions Licensed Its New Youth Musical Series "@Ginayei"

MIAMI, Fl., June, 2021 – SOMOS Productions, the independent audiovisual content production company chaired by Luis Villanueva, licensed two seasons of the series "@Ginayei" for exclusive screening in Latin America through Disney+, The Walt Disney Company's subscription streaming service.

"@Ginayei" is a fictional musical youth series that follows the story of the talented Gina since her arrival at the prestigious Caribbean Musical Institute, located on the island of Puerto Encantado. The Institute is considered the best place in the world to study Latin music and be the birthplace of the successful Reggaeton. Gina's ultimate dream is to compose Latin and Reggaeton songs for great artists and let everyone know her ideas and feelings, but the path to reach her dream will be full of complications and interesting situations. The series features more than 20 songs distribute over two (2) seasons of 12 episodes each.

Luis Villanueva, President and CEO of SOMOS Productions, stated: "This agreement puts @Ginayei on one of the most important distribution platforms in the market and ensures its exposure to a significant pan-regional audience. We are pleased because it certifies the quality of the history and production experience of SOMOS Productions and Piñolywood, which has already delivered highly attractive and successful content on the new distribution platforms."

SOMOS Productions, LLC is an independent audiovisual content production company led by professionals with decades of experience producing talk shows, soap operas, dramas and variety shows, among other genres. SOMOS Productions guarantees its clients reasonable production costs and top quality, supported by flexible structures, access to suitable facilities, equipment and with operational experience in handling complex products. The company is active in production projects in the United States and Latin America.


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