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SOMOS Films and Rodando Films Produce Film One Way

MIAMI, Fl., March, 2021 - SOMOS Films, the film production company part of SOMOS Group together with Rodando Films (Venezuelan production company), will co-produce the film One Way. The production will begin filming on the 22nd of this month directed, screen played, and produced by Carlos Daniel Malavé. The total timeframe will be 8 weeks between pre-production and filming.

One Way stars talented actress Daniela Alvarado, who represents Emeliana, a mother and university professor who goes through a difficult time in her life when her son Santiago suffers an accident. The depression beats her day by day and she does not want to continue. During these difficult times, she receives great support from a man she met on the street, Daniel (José Manuel Suárez), and begins to feel a great appreciation for him. However, the situation with her son and the crisis in Venezuela makes her decide to embark on a new life outside the country and rebuild her life even though she has to move away from Daniel.

Luis Villanueva, President and CEO of SOMOS Films stated: "These intense stories in emotions reflect the situation that pushes many people and families to emigrate, seeking a better life. Movies are an excellent way to show the drama and hope that these migratory movements bring. This co-production between SOMOS Films and Rodando Films guarantees a level of quality and production values that fill us with pride. There is a technical team and an experience actorly talent that add up to this human, interesting, exciting and entertaining story.

Carlos Malavé, Producer, Director and Screenwriter of the film mentioned: One Way is not a conventional drama, it is a universal film told from a specific context. Emiliana, the protagonist, leads us on paths that many have lived, the first is the dilemma of emigrating or betting to a new place. The second is the fight against a monster called anxiety and depression. One Way, while possessing enough dramatic twists to keep the viewer's attention, is not an easy movie. It is a tough movie with characters subdued by a power you do not see but feel. One Way, the journey without returns of a woman who breaks at a certain time but manages to move forward thanks to empathy, friendship and love.

One Way joins the SOMOS Films portfolio that is now made up of Voy Por Ti (presented at International Festivals), Muerte en Berruecos (nominated for the Goya awards), Especial (winner at the Chicago Film Festival), Al Revés, El Quinceañero de mi Abuela y El Paraíso de la Serpiente,, also adding the Venezuelan films in production phase Hotel Providencia y Un Cupido Sin Puntería.

About SOMOS Films: SOMOS Films, LLC is a company specialized in the production of films in Spanish, led by a team of highly specialized professionals. SOMOS Films participates in co-production and wholly financed projects. The company generates, evaluates and develops ideas, with a philosophy of flexible participation in all phases of film production. For more information please visit us at


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