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SOMOS Distribution (the global content distribution company belonging to SOMOS Group led by Luis Villanueva) attends the LA Screenings with an offer of new content such as Turkish series and films, in addition to its content catalog. SOMOS Distribution will be at the Fairmont Century Plaza in Suite 919 and there will be present Francisco Villanueva, VP and COO of the company and Mariana Villanueva Sales Director.

An outstanding part of the offer is the Turkish series SIFIRINCI GÜN (DIA CERO). This series, which has had wide acceptance in the local and international markets is within the genre of Action-police and consists of 8 episodes, optimal duration in the present market conditions. Produced by Ortaks Yapim – Atlas Media, it tells the story of a group of 7 policemen led by Kadir, an inspector known for his lack of affinity for the rules. The team aims to capture Edje. One night DIA CERO decides to trap the criminal Edje to stop him and two policemen of the group die during the mission, The team fights for justice and revenge.

Other products that the company presents with great expectation is the Turkish series Behzat C, Hammer & Rose, a crime / suspense episodic content with 8 episodes. It presents Behzat Ç. a rude, violent and morally ambiguous police officer, head of the homicide department in Ankara. He and his team often work together with prosecutor Esra, who becomes his love interest. They pursue criminals with perseverance and solve murders while sometimes (and usually unintentionally) getting involved in different cases.

In addition to these series, SOMOS Distribution presents the Ecuadorian film Amor en tiempos de Likes, a comedy produced by Diego Ulloa and Alejandro Lalaleo. The story touches on the subject of social networks, where a like is enough to meet someone, a match to fall in love and an 'unfollow' to end everything.

Francisco Villanueva stated "with this offer we reiterate our mission to bring our customers innovative content in line with market trends at the moment. Turkish series maintain their popularity based on their stories, talent and production values and we complement them with content from other genres, such as films and humor, that we are sure will help build a more attractive and varied programming grid".

SOMOS Distribution adds to this offer of dramas products from its catalog such as Love for Rent – Kiralik Ask, Turkish drama of 202 episodes that presents the waitress Defne, with money problems, who agrees to try to win the heart of the businessman Ömer for money. It will also offer Wild Bees, a 125-episode Greek drama with the story of three sisters, Eleni, Asimina and Drosso, who try to survive alone in the harsh and patriarchal society of the Thessalian plain; Sasmos, another 170-episode Greek drama about two families in conflict and revenge will be presented as well.

Finally, the company presents's humorous 30-minute episodes shorts that satirize everyday situations in an entertaining and hilarious way in a widely attractive proposal for all audiences, parodying family parties, mother-child relationships, funny situations, conversations between friends and other topics.

About SOMOS Distribution LLC: SOMOS Distribution distributes premium audiovisual programming in all genres worldwide, based on the experience and knowledge of a multicultural management and sales team, with deep knowledge, an innovative spirit and the strength of relationships that give more than 30 years in the industry. SOMOS Distribution, LLC has the human and technical resources, as well as the necessary facilities to guarantee the most efficient and productive coverage in all territories and in all windows of an industry that is characterized by its dynamism and speed. Our sales and distribution capacity and support makes us able to fully exploit the commercial potential of any content in traditional windows from open television, cable and satellite, to advanced pay-per-view, internet and video on demand spaces, among others. For more information, visit


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