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Somos Distribution Distributes Enchufe.TV

SOMOS Distribution, the global content distribution company part of SOMOS Group, it is exclusively distributing the successful content series, the humorous sketches that are an online sensation, having more than 24 million followers. produces humorous sketches of different durations (an average of approximately 5 minutes), which are assembled in 30-minute content for distribution on television and other platforms. The sketches have been so successful that they have migrated from the online platforms to television in channels such as Teleamazonas and Estrella TV and will be presented at the LA Screenings of 2021.

The distribution agreement was made between Touché Films and SOMOS Distribution and allows the company led by Luis Villanueva, the commercialization of this programming so successful on different screens. The 30-minute shows are organized in 5 seasons (51 episodes). satirizes everyday situations in an entertaining and hilarious way, in a proposal of wide appeal to all audiences. The sketches are directed by Jorge Ulloa, Orando Herrera and Christian Moya, among others. This team has achieved significant success with various audiences in the new online platforms since in today’s circumstances, humor is much needed. Touché Films, Enchufe.TV's production company, has posted a weekly video since November 2011 parodying family parties, mom and son relationships, fun situations, talks between friends and other topics.

Francisco Villanueva, vice president and COO of SOMOS Distribution stated: "For us at SOMOS Distribution it is a pleasure to distribute the humor of We are sure that the public will enjoy these contents because they are short of very good quality, with a well thought out humor and far from controversies, appropriate for the times we live in. Television humor has always been an attractive element and is very indicative of the quality of, which has achieved that wide demographic target that attracts programmers in the region and a presence in new and traditional media at the same time. The shorts have been assembled in a very striking way and each show is a space of rest and laughter for the audience."

"Enchufe.TV was born with the intention of changing the audiovisual in Ecuador. Years later, its founders set a bigger goal, changing the audiovisual in Spanish. The fact that SOMOS Distribution becomes the distributor of its TV seasons brings us closer to fulfilling the dream of reaching a diverse audience with the particular humor that characterizes," said Arturo Yépez, CEO of Touché Films.

About SOMOS Distribution: SOMOS DISTRIBUTION, LLC is a first-class audio-visual worldwide programming distributor in all genres. Its business is built on the experience and deep knowledge of a multicultural sales and management team, with over 30 years of experience and strong industry ties. SOMOS DISTRIBUTION, LLC has the human and technical resources, along with the facilities necessary to ensure the most efficient, productive, and comprehensive coverage of all territories worldwide. Our sales and distribution capabilities enable us to exploit the commercial potential of traditional channels such as broadcasters, cable and satellite transmitters, to pay-per-view and the growing internet and video-on-demand market, along with all other platforms that have redefined the growth of the industry. SOMOS Distribution LLC is characterized by its speed, dynamism and foresight in the market. For more information visit


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