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Semillitas premieres Pirata y Capitano

MIAMI, Fl., April, 2020 – Semillitas, the 24-hour commercial free animation channel for children between 0-6 years of age, owned by SOMOSTV, presents on April 12 for the first time on the channel the animated children's series Pirata y Capitano. The prestigious Franco-Spanish animation focuses on the endless search for treasures, with great adventures, fun and team spirit. The animated series has 52 episodes of 11 minutes each and focuses on an audience between 4 and 7 years of age.

Pirata is a pirate girl, the heroine and co-star of the series. On her boat, the Pink Skull, she travels the Great Sea, in search of adventures, with her inseparable friend Capitano, a boy who drives a seaplane and loves to fly, but hates the water. A series full of humor and adventure in search of the greatest treasures we can imagine: the values that children must treasure for life. The series can be enjoyed by Semillitas subscribers from the United States, Puerto Rico, Central America, Panama and the Caribbean.

With this new addition to the Semillitas series portfolio, the channel maintains its goal of offering the most prestigious animation with relevant content dedicated to infants and preschoolers in a safe and culturally relevant environment. Semillitas carefully selects the animated series, responding to parents' concern for the proper entertainment of their children and the preservation of their cultural roots.

Pirata y Capitano is a Spanish-French cartoon created by the Spanish animation company Vodka Capital and French animation studio Millimages. The animation part was brought in partnership with David Cantolla (co-creator of Pocoyó). Along with other well-known animated series such as Bob El Constructor, Little People, Louie, Dr. Panda, P. King Duckling, Doozers among others, Pirata y Capitano fortifies the message of selected entertainment that Semillitas is transmitting to its audience, especially in these times when teaching and entertaining children from the safety of their homes is essential.

About Semillitas: “Semillitas” is a toddlers and preschoolers Pay TV channel that programs Spanish language animation, 24 hours a day, and is produced and distributed by SOMOSTV LLC. SOMOSTV LLC is a company devoted to the development and promotion of Pay TV in the US Hispanic market, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean through the launch of TV channels in all platforms with technical and creative excellence. For more information, please visit us at


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