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“Súbete a Mi Moto”, the series based on the history of the group Menudo, premiered with overwhelming success in Puerto Rico, dominating the ratings in all demographics. The series, co-produced by SOMOS Productions, Endemol Shine Boomdog and Piñolywood Studios, has caused a sensation since its launch on Amazon Prime Video on October 9 and this first television premiere on WAPA Television confirms its appeal in all windows. WAPA TV executives proudly stated that they hope that throughout the series these results will be maintained and even improve on the island that gave birth to this musical phenomenon.

Nielsen reported that the series’ premiere, yesterday at 7:00 pm until 9:00 pm, reached an average audience share of more than 54%, with peaks of 64.5% among men and women. 55.3% in the ages of 18-49 years on average in the two hours. These figures relegated the audience share of the rest of the channels to numbers that, when added together, did not even reach half of the share of “Súbete en mi Moto”.

“Súbete en mi Moto” consists of 15 episodes, each lasting 60 minutes, narrating the history of the Puerto Rican band and its “Menudomanía”, as well as the internal incidents between manager Edgardo Díaz and the members of the band. The musical and biographical production, which includes more than 30 hits of the real group, was recorded in the cities of Mexico and Puerto Rico in public places and built sets that allude to the 70s and 80s, the golden era of the group. The series has caused a sensation among the international press, from North America to Latin American for its quality, the evocation of nostalgia and the controversy that the management of the band has caused.

Francisco Villanueva, VP and COO of SOMOS Distribution (the company that distributes the series) stated: “We are very satisfied with these very positive results that stimulate receptivity in the rest of the markets. We congratulate the WAPA TV promotion team, who together with the Piñolywood Studios team in Puerto Rico did a very professional and intense work in supporting the series. This generates experiences and knowledge that we will extend to other markets. We love that the audience is enjoying this series, made with great care and dedication. ”


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