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@Ginayei Series Begins Filming This Week

MIAMI, Fl., June, 2021 – SOMOS Productions, the independent audiovisual content production company (led by Luis Villanueva and part of SOMOS Group), together with Piñolywood Studios begins filming on Tuesday 8 the production of the youth series @Ginayei on the beautiful island of Puerto Rico.

@Ginayei, created by Vladimir Pérez, will be recorded in several picturesque areas of Puerto Rico, including the streets of Old San Juan, La Perla and Paseo de la Princesa. The first episode opens with the musical EL VIAJE, a choreographic tour of Gina who dreams of being an urban music composer.

Gina, the young protagonist of the series, has won a scholarship at the prestigious Instituto Musical del Caribe (IMC) located on the island of Puerto Encantado, considered the best place in the world to study Latin music and be the birthplace of the successful Reggaeton. Her ultimate dream is to compose songs for great artists and let everyone knows about her ideas and feelings. Upon arriving at the Institute, things will be immensely more complex than she expected.

A cast of 20 talented teenagers will bring to life the romance between Gina and Manu, the experiences with their antagonists "Ruby Ruby" and "Jayden The Great" and a colorful youthful atmosphere full of rhythm, action and dynamism.

Luis Villanueva, president and CEO of SOMOS Productions, stated: "@Ginayei is an entertaining series in a genre of great popularity, with an attractive repertoire, in tune with the music of the current generation and in a format suitable for online distribution platforms, as well as "traditional" television. Our partnership with Piñolywood, which has already delivered successful productions, ensures that this series will meet the expectations of the audience and our customers and continue growing our catalog."

Carlos Nido, president and CEO of Piñolywood Studios also expressed his satisfaction: "We are very happy that we are starting to record @Ginayei in Puerto Rico. This series, which emphasizes the role of the island as a center of high-quality production and attractive locations, will generate about 142 direct jobs and 90 indirect jobs, and in the end will deliver content with a high entertainment value, as have been all the projects we have done with the SOMOS Group, and specifically with SOMOS Productions".

@Ginayei is under the General Direction of Javier Solar and Raúl García. The General Production is in charge of Socorro Torres Díaz, with the Direction of Photography in the hands of Iván Rodríguez and Willie Berrios. The Art Direction is by Harak Rubio, with costume design by Julia Michelle Santiago and musical direction by Daniel Espinoza, who included in his team the young singer-songwriter Omar K11, among other great music professionals. The series features more than 20 songs spread over two (2) seasons of 12 episodes each.

SOMOS Productions, LLC is an independent audiovisual production company led by professionals with decades of experience producing talk shows, soap operas, dramas and varieties, among other genres. SOMOS Productions guarantees its customers high quality and reasonable production costs, supported by flexible structures and access to facilities, equipment and operational experience suitable for handling complex products. The company has been involved in production projects in the United States and Latin America. For more information visit


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