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Ginayei’s Filming Ends in Puerto Rico

MIAMI, Fl., September, 2021 – Somos Productions and Piñolywood Studios, have completed the filming of GinaYei, a children's and young adult series about the Instituto Musical del Caribe, the birthplace of Reggaeton, licensed for exclusive exhibition worldwide through Disney+, the subscription streaming service of The Walt Disney Company. The production that includes drama, romance and musicals was filmed on the island of Puerto Rico in just 3 months. The production team was very satisfied with the completion of this stage, marked by eventualities such as the pandemic and the weather conditions.

Created by Vladimir Pérez, GinaYei tells the story of Gina, a talented girl who has won a scholarship at the Instituto Musical del Caribe (IMC) considered the birthplace of Reggaeton. Gina's ultimate dream is to compose songs for great artists and let everyone know her ideas and feelings, but when she arrives at the Institute things will be immensely more complex than she expected. A cast of 16 talented teenagers, including Puerto Rican actors and actresses of great trajectory and a group of extras, gave life to the romance between the protagonists Gina and Manu, the experiences with their antagonists "Ruby Rubí" and "Jayden El Grande" and the occurrences that these young people live to become the best singers of urban music.

In total, 23 urban music video clips were produced and adapted for a youth audience. The series was filmed in different locations that demonstrate the natural beauty of Puerto Rico, including old San Juan, El Escambrón Beach (where 6 music videos were produced), El Patio De Solé restaurant in Santurce and in the center of Centro de Bellas Artes de Humacao which was completely transformed to simulate the prestigious Musical Institute of the Caribbean (IMC).

The production of GinaYei was carried out by a team formed by Ivanna Villanueva as Executive Producer and with the General Direction of Raúl García and Javier Solar. The General Production is in charge of Socorro Torres Díaz, with the Direction of Photography in the hands of Willie Berrios, Robert Peña. The Art Direction is by Harak Rubio, with the costume design by Julia Michelle Santiago and the Musical Direction by Daniel Espinoza, who included in his team the young singer-songwriter Omar K11, among other great professionals of music and choreography of Jonathan "Kicker" González. The acting coaching was done by the renowned actress Yaiza Figueroa. In the production of GinaYei, strict protocols were applied to protect the health of the human team that participated in this stage. State-of-the-art recording cameras were used, so the entire series is recorded in a digital cinema version. The series is planned for two (2) seasons of 12 episodes each.

The post-production stage is planned to take place in the coming months and will culminate before the end of 2021.

SOMOS Productions has been characterized by its success in series that have generated high ratings such as Hasta que te conocí and Súbete a mi moto (the history of Grupo Menudo). At the same time, he has produced colorful live shows such as the Latin American Music Awards and the Billboard Awards of Mexican music, demonstrating versatility and mastery of the production of different genres, including dramas, formats and telenovelas.

About SOMOS Productions: SOMOS Productions, LLC is an independent audiovisual content production company led by professionals with decades of experience producing talk shows, soap operas, dramas and variety shows, among other genres. SOMOS Productions guarantees its clients reasonable production costs and top quality, supported by flexible structures, access to suitable facilities, equipment and with operational experience in handling complex products. The company is active in production projects in the United States and Latin America.

About Piñolywood Studios: Piñolywood Studios, LLC is a Puerto Rican film production company that has made over 10 films of different genres. Its film projects made in Puerto Rico have been distributed in cinemas in Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, United States and throughout the world on digital platforms.


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