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The new series Súbete a mi Moto, produced by SOMOS Productions, Endemol Shine Boomdog and Piñolywood Studios has generated wide excitement, coverage and controversy among the international press, given the popularity that the most famous “boy band” of Latin music has, the series’ production quality and, why not, the nostalgia that evokes the “Menudomania” from the 70s.

The massive coverage goes from the United States to the Southern Cone, through Central America and the Caribbean. Luis Villanueva, President and CEO of SOMOS Group (the entertainment group to which SOMOS Productions belongs) stated: “We are very satisfied with the impact that the series is producing on the media. We have made a significant production effort, and we are positive that the audience captivated by this story will come along as well.”

As an example of the impact of the production, the coverage of Súbete A Mi Moto released by Amazon Prime Video on October 9, has included press such as The Chicago Tribune, which wrote “the series transports audiences to the 1980s, with the screams of the fans, the costumes and the group’s characteristic choreographies… ”. In the same way, the Los Angeles Times and El Nuevo Herald (Miami) pointed out positive and controversial aspects of the series, where even some former members of the band have given negative opinions. In Houston La Prensa and Houston Chronicle also reviewed the story.

Excelsior (Mexico) highlighted “the phenomenon of Menudo it was necessary to show it, especially because it was the precursor of other similar groups in Latin America such as Chamos, Los Chicos, Parchís and Timbiriche. Edgardo Díaz was the manager of this musical concept and it worked thanks to its rules, which were criticized, but which he defended against everyone, especially the discipline at work and the departure of boys when they were 15 years old and their voices changed. ”

The EFE Agency pointed out “Súbete A Mi Moto aims to return fans and viewers to the time of the 1980s and 1990s with a history full of nostalgia and illusion resulting from the audiovisual portrait of the Latin American musical phenomenon Menudo.” On the other hand, in Argentina Clarín, El Tiempo (Buenos Aires) and La Capital (Mar del Plata) published comments, with the last newspaper highlighting “In 1977, in the small town of Caguas, in Puerto Rico, with the initiative of an ambitious and skilled businessman named Edgardo Díaz, a music group was born and laid the foundations for the boy bands that still endure.”


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