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With the best animation in SpanishSEMILLITAS LAUNCHES NEW SERIES ‘TICKETY TOC’

MIAMI, FL., April 2022 – Semillitas, the 24-hour channel of commercial-free children's animation in Spanish, owned by SOMOSTV, (company chaired by Luis Villanueva), announced this April the animated series Tickety Toc. Tickety Toc is a series for preschoolers where children are taught and educated about the concept of time in an entertaining way. Time passes between the escapades of the protagonist twins and they have the responsibility of indicating the time in the famous Tickety Toc cuckoo clock. Tommy and Tallulah then tailor their fun adventures to never miss their responsibilities. Inside the clock is a cool and fun place inhabited by puppy trains, rabbits, cooking cows and weather-obsessed chickens.

Tickety Toc is a computer-animated interactive series for children. Semillitas licensed, in addition to the regular series, specials on: Holidays, Talent Show and Christmas, among others. Tickety Toc will be released on April 20 for the entire Semillitas audience in the United States, the Dominican Republic and all of Central America. With this new addition to the channel, Semillitas focuses on the mission of collaborating in maintaining family values with content that, through diverse characters, promotes unity and kindness among people. The SOMOSTV channel is recognized for offering Spanish-speaking children the best and most appropriate programming for preschoolers.

Tickety Toc has been recognized with such acceptance by the little ones, that it has supported a strong and recognized line of children's merchandising. Tickety Toc premiered in Asia in 2012 and was later released internationally with localized dubs. It also aired on British television and became Nick Jr.'s #1 daytime show in the United States. The Tickety Toc license enriches Semillitas' programming and joins other prestigious animation programs such as Pocoyo, Chuggington, Bob the Builder, Stories with Bears, Dr. Panda and many more.

Semillitas, distributed in High Definition in the United States, Puerto Rico, the Caribbean and Central America, is characterized by programming a selection of the best international brand animation in a unique, culturally relevant graphic package, attending to the values and celebrations of the community Latin.

About Semillitas: “Semillitas” is a Pay TV channel that programs animation 24 hours a day for babies and preschoolers, produced and distributed by SOMOSTV LLC. SOMOSTV LLC is a company dedicated to the development and promotion of Pay Television in the Hispanic market in the United States, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean, through the launch of television channels on all platforms with technical and creative excellence. For more information visit


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