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ViendoMovies, the 24-hour channel of original cinema produced in Spanish, without commercial breaks and produced by SOMOSTV (a company part of SOMOS Group and chaired by Luis Villanueva), premieres this October a varied selection of films with Locos al Poder (Panama, 2019), 15 hours (2021, Dominican Republic), La Boda de Rosa (2020, Spain) and Inmersión (2021, Chile), reflecting the geographical breadth of Spanish-language cinema. At the same time, and as part of its mission, the channel offers a cycle with actress Belén Rueda every Tuesday in October at 9 pm ET, with the films La Noche que mi Madre mató a mi Padre (Spain, 2016), Ismael (Spain, 2013), El Pacto (2018), No Tengas Miedo (2011) and No Dormirás (2017). The channel, which celebrated 17 years of its launch in September in the United States and Puerto Rico, programs exclusive films of contemporary cinema in Spanish from all Spanish-speaking countries and stands out for a premium on-air presence, supporting the talent of cinema produced in Spanish. ViendoMovies is distributed by the main cable, satellite and telecommunications companies.

In a month where the television audience begins to grow due to the end of summer, this selection of new releases includes high-quality comedy and drama Locos al Poder, directed by Juan Zelaya and starring Elmis Castillo, tells the life of Ermisendo, a young man who lives in a forgotten indigenous region, who discovers that his biological father is the presidential candidate Juan Carlos Kelqueyec. Through Ermisendo, Kelqueyec will try to sympathize with the people and win in the polls, in crazy and hilarious circumstances. There will also be dramas for the audience such as 15 Hours and La Boda de Rosa. 15 Hours presents Aura and Manuel, the seemingly perfect marriage that hides a terrible secret: he has abused her for years, until one day, fed up with suffering, Aura gathers the courage necessary to ask for help. La Boda de Rosa tells the life of Rosa, who is about to turn 45 and realizes that she has always lived for others. She decides to leave everything behind and take control of her life to fulfill her dream of starting a new business. Finally, the movie Immersion directed by Nicolás Postiglione with Consuelo Carreño, Alfredo Castro, Mariela Mignot describes the circumstances of Ricardo and his two daughters, who while sailing, come across a group of fishermen whose boat is about to sink. However, Ricardo suspects the fishermen and refuses to help them, even when his daughters insist that he do so.

The Belén Rueda cycle shows the acting virtues of María Belén Rueda García-Porrero, a Spanish actress who was born in the city of Madrid but lived her youth in the province of Alicante, where her family moved to try to alleviate the asthmatic disease of one of her sisters. The actress, with a career that includes more than 15 feature films, television programs and series, has been awarded with Goya Awards, Fotogramas de Plata, Awards from the Union of Actors and Actresses, Feroz Awards and others. La Noche que mi Madre mató a mi Padre (comedy), Ismael (drama), El Pacto (suspense, horror), No Tengas Miedo (drama) and No Dormiras (suspense, horror) confirm why Belén Rueda is one of the most outstanding and versatile stars of the filmography in Spanish.

ABOUT VIENDOMOVIES: ViendoMovies is a Pay TV channel that programs exclusive contemporary cinema in Spanish, without commercial breaks 24 hours a day, in a premium and culturally relevant package. ViendoMovies is produced in the United States for the Hispanic market of that country and Puerto Rico and is part of SOMOSTV LLC. For more information, visit and


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