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MIAMI, FL., January, 2023 – ViendoMovies, the Spanish-language movie channel 24 hours a day and without commercial breaks, owned by SOMOSTV (a company chaired by Luis Villanueva and part of the SOMOS Group), presents a cycle in January dedicated to the Almodóvar girls, better known as Rossy de Palma, Penélope Cruz, Cecilia Roth and Carmen Maura. Every Sunday in January, ViendoMovies programs a film in various genres, starring actresses who have starred in multiple works by Pedro Almodóvar, the famous Spanish director known for his frequent collaborations with strong female characters. The titles are: Otros Días Vendran, OH! Mammy Blue, Ma Ma, and El Intercambio. These four films allow you to enjoy the versatility of the director and each of his protagonists.

Pedro Almodóvar is the most internationally acclaimed Spanish filmmaker; desire, passion, family and identity are among the most frequent themes in his films. The cinema made by Almodóvar has the characteristic of telling women's stories of great complexity. The list of women who have collaborated with Pedro Almodóvar in his films is varied, diverse. However, the 'Almodóvar girls' do have in common their exceptional presence and talent on stage, many of them having achieved international stardom. Almodóvar has received two Oscars, five BAFTA Awards, two Emmy Awards, two Golden Globe Awards, and nine Goya Awards.

With the Pedro Almodóvar cycle, ViendoMovies continues its support of Spanish-language cinema and its talent. The channel is also characterized by its coverage of events and festivals where this cinema is present, and its extensive library allows it to program this type of cycles that cover the entire range of artistic talent and productions in all genres.

The cycle begins with the film Otros Días Vendrán, starring Cecilia Roth. Alicia, in her early forties, has a disastrous love and sexual life, but she finally manages to meet a man with whom she seems to be able to establish a calm, stable and luminous relationship. However, fate will have woven a perverse plot that will end up putting everything in danger.

On January 15, OH! Mammy Blue, with the talented Carmen Maura. Laura is a legendary Spanish rock singer who ruined her career and now lives in a nursing home. Suddenly, Laura receives a visit from her grandson, who asks her to teach him how to be a rock musician. She decides to help him and will even write him a song to use in a rock contest. But to participate they must compose a band, and Laura has been retired for a long time.

Ma Ma, starring the famous Penélope Cruz, is a drama where after being diagnosed with breast cancer, Magda, an unemployed teacher, reacts by bringing all her vital energy to the surface. Thanks to her courage and optimism, both she and her family will experience unsuspected scenes of humor and delicate happiness. With this film, Penélope Cruz received the Best Actress award at the Platino Awards and at Fotogramas de Plata.

To culminate the cycle, the channel presents El Intercambio, with Rossy de Palma. Given Jaime's continuous suggestions and in an effort to revitalize the relationship, Eva gives Jaime a couples exchange for their anniversary. To do this, they contact another couple online and meet in her apartment. However, the exchange partner is not what they expected.

ABOUT VIENDOMOVIES: ViendoMovies is a Pay TV channel that shows exclusive contemporary movies in Spanish, without commercial breaks 24 hours a day, in a premium and culturally relevant package. ViendoMovies is produced in the United States for the Hispanic market in that country and Puerto Rico and is part of SOMOSTV LLC. For more information, visit and


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