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MIAMI, FL., October, 2022 –ViendoMovies, the movie channel in Spanish 24 hours a day and without commercial breaks, owned by SOMOSTV (company chaired by Luis Villanueva and part of SOMOS Group), presents in October a cycle dedicated to the talented Guillermo Francella, one of the most popular and well-known actors and comedians in Argentine cinema. Every Sunday in October, ViendoMovies programs a movie in various genres, starring this star. The titles are: El Misterio de la Felicidad, Los que Aman Odian, Corazón de Leon, Animal and Atraco. These five films allow you to enjoy the versatility of the actor and his quality.

Guillermo Francella, born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, is an actor, comedian, comedian, and theater, film, and television director. His first approach to acting was after finishing high school when he performed a play with some classmates. Although he wanted to study theater, he continued to study journalism. His television debut was in 1980 and in 1985 he filmed his first film, El telo y la tele. Since 1985 and with an extensive filmography, Guillermo Francella has appeared in more than 30 films and has been nominated for prestigious awards such as Best Male Performance at the Ariel Awards, Platino, and Best Actor at the Cóndor de Plata Awards, among others.

With the cycle of Guillermo Francella, ViendoMovies continues its support for Spanish-language cinema and its talent. The channel is also characterized by the coverage of the events and festivals where this cinema has its presence and its extensive library allows it to program this type of cycles that cover the entire range of artistic talent and productions in all genres.

The cycle begins with the film El Misterio de la Felicidad, an Argentine comedy directed by Daniel Burman. Santiago and Eugenio are more than friends, they are lifelong business partners. One day Eugenio disappears without leaving any clues. Santiago immediately notices his absence, but he doesn't really realize the seriousness of the situation until Laura, Eugenio's wife, lost and hopeless, assures him that he has left forever.

On October 9, Los que Aman Odian is presented. On a secluded beach stands an old hotel lost in time. Doctor Enrique Hubermann arrives fleeing from a tempestuous love story, but there he meets the woman he wants to forget. A story that revolves around a beautiful woman who manipulates men and provokes dangerous passions, triggering the most unexpected ending. Los que Aman Odian received several nominations at the Argentine Academy of Cinematographic Arts and Sciences, including Best Actress and Best Screenplay.

Corazón de León is the next one scheduled for the 16th. A film where Francella was nominated for the Academy of Cinematographic Arts and Sciences of Argentina as Best Leading Actor. Ivana Cornejo is a divorced attorney. After losing her cell phone, she receives a call from the friendly León Godoy, who found her phone and intends to return it to her. In the telephone conversation a great empathy is established and both coordinate to meet the next day. The problem is that León measures 1.36 meters, which is why, from that encounter, Ivana tries to overcome those centimeters that the man in her life lacks, facing social prejudice and her own.

Then Animal arrives with a bit of suspense. Antonio is forced by fate to face an unexpected situation that shakes him to the core, turning his life and his priorities upside down, pushing him to forget his beliefs and his way of understanding life and follow the most basic instinct: the animal instinct.

To culminate the cycle, Atraco, a film that won the Best Ibero-American Film award, is about General Perón's right-hand man, who pawns Evita's jewels to raise funds for her move to Spain. When Franco's wife expresses her interest in acquiring the jewels, Landa launches one of the most audacious robberies in history.

ABOUT VIENDOMOVIES: ViendoMovies is a Pay TV channel that shows exclusive contemporary cinema in Spanish, without commercial breaks, 24 hours a day, in a premium and culturally relevant package. ViendoMovies is produced in the United States for the Hispanic market in that country and Puerto Rico and is part of SOMOSTV LLC. For more information, visit and


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