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ViendoMovies, the Spanish-language film channel that presents exclusive movies originally in this language without commercial interruptions, owned by SOMOSTV (a company led by Luis Villanueva and part of SOMOS Group), launches this month a series titled “Action Sundays,” one of the most popular genres in cinema in general and among the male and young audience in particular. Every Sunday in June, starting at 9 pm, the channel schedules a movie from the genre for a total of 12 productions, all of recent and contemporary make. The action series is made up of famous movies from a wide variety of countries, starting with Piedra, Papel o Tijera (2012 Venezuela), Grupo 7 (2012, Spain), El Rey de Najayo (2012, Dominican Republic), En Zona Hostil (2017, Spain), Blindado (Venezuela, 2019), Hombre muerto no sabe vivir (Spain, 2021), Los 8-6 (Venezuela, 2016), Toro (Spain, 2016), Django, en el nombre del hijo (Peru, 2019), Alpha (Spain, 2013), Mexican Gangster (2015, Mexico) and Rosario Tijeras (2005, Colombia). The Action Cycle joins the channel’s strategy to promote cinema in the Spanish language as well as programming acting cycles with the best artistic talent produced in this language.

Piedra, Papel o Tijera (2012 Venezuela) is directed by Hernán Jabes and stars Gloria Montoya as Mariana, Leónidas Urbina as Héctor, and Leandro Arvelo as Christian. The film was awarded at the Venezuelan Film Festival in 2013. The film tells the story of Héctor and Mariana, a couple with a very distant life. This couple’s dynamic leads to situations of infidelity, violence, and police corruption. This film is joined by Grupo 7 (2012, Spain), directed by Alberto Rodríguez and starring screen star Mario Casas and Antonio de La Torre. Grupo 7 is a police unit whose goal is to clean the drug-filled streets of downtown Seville. The film won a Goya Award, receiving 15 nominations among other recognitions. The Action Cycle continues with a popular Dominican film, one of the countries with a very attractive cinematography for the Latin audience: El Rey de Najayo, (2012), directed by Fernando Báez Mella and starring Manny Pérez and Luz García. The film tells the story of Julián López, a boy who sees his father die at the hands of local authorities, to whom his father had delivered a package he found by chance in the sea, just when he was fishing; as a consequence of this event, Julián decides to take revenge and becomes a major capo within Dominican society.


In Action Cinema, war situations are a must. “En Zona Hostil” (2017, Spain), directed by Adolfo Martínez and starring the popular Spanish actress Ariadna Gil, Raúl Mérida, Roberto Álamo, and Antonio Garrido, is based on a real event of the Spanish Army in Afghanistan, with the ensuing combat and action scenes, receiving two nominations for the Goya Awards. This film is joined by “Blindado” (Venezuela, 2019), directed by Carlos Daniel Malavé. In it, a rookie police officer (Alexander Da Silva as Eloy), a victim of circumstances, makes the risky decision to steal an armored truck and expose the corruption in the city’s Mayor’s office, embarking on a road trip full of action, and with which he must do everything to recover his life and his family. “Blindado” was nominated 9 times in the Action category at the United States International Film Festival, receiving the Jury Award at the Manhattan Film Festival for Best International Film, among other recognitions. Another film worth mentioning is “Hombre muerto no sabe vivir” (Spain, 2021), a Spanish film noir, the first work of director and producer Ezekiel Montes.

The final round of Action Cinema at this stellar ViendoMovies event is made up of the film “Los 8-6” (Venezuela, 2016), under the direction of Javier Mujica. The action takes place in the Caracas of the 80s, in a society on the verge of decomposition, where the criminal gang “Los 8-6” emerges. The search for easy money turns them into a violent criminal structure that dominates the central areas of the city and its surroundings. This production is joined by “Toro” (Spain, 2016) directed by Kike Maillo, twice nominated for the Gaudí Awards. “Toro” stars Mario Casas and Luis Tosar. In it, two brothers reunite after five years. One has been in jail and is trying to get his life back on track. The other, after robbing a dangerous fence, flees with his young daughter Diana. The three embark on a journey through a mythical, violent, and wild Andalusia. ViendoMoviesconcludes with “Django, en el nombre del hijo” (Peru, 2019), an action and drama Peruvian film directed by Aldo Salvini featuring the return of the iconic Django in a plot that ends the story of the famous bank robber; “Alpha” (Spain, 2013), directed by Joan Curtina, with friends walking divergent paths on opposite sides of the law; “Mexican Gangster” (2015, Mexico), directed by José Manuel Cravioto and starring the popular Tenoch Huerta; and finally the great classic “Rosario Tijeras” (2005, Colombia). “Rosario Tijeras” tells the story of Rosario, who is nicknamed Tijeras because after being abused by her stepfather and some neighbors, she took revenge on one of them by mutilating him with scissors. She then became a killer under the influence of her older brother. “Rosario Tijeras” won at the Cartagena Festival and the Málaga Festival, receiving several nominations for the Ariel and Goya Awards and other international film events.

ABOUT VIENDOMOVIES: ViendoMovies is a Pay TV channel that programs exclusive contemporary cinema in Spanish, without commercial interruptions 24 hours a day, in a premium and culturally relevant package. ViendoMovies is produced in the United States for the Hispanic market of that country and Puerto Rico and is part of SOMOSTV LLC. For more information, visit their official websites.



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