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ViendoMovies, the Spanish-language movie channel that features exclusive films originally produced in this language, without commercial interruptions owned by SOMOSTV (a company led by Luis Villanueva and part of the SOMOS Group) the romantic comedy “Julia Tiene Sugar”, produced by SOMOS Films in collaboration with Divarte Cine. The movie, directed by Jose Antonio Varela, stars popular actors Alejandra Sandoval and Jorge Reyes. ViendoMovies is known for programming the best contemporary films originally produced in Spanish, with dedicated cycles for different genres and talent. The channel is distributed in the United States and Puerto Rico by major cable, satellite, and telecommunications companies

“Julia Tiene Sugar”, first emission this Saturday June 20, is a fresh and modern comedy that weaves a plot around endearing characters, while not shying away from their personal flaws. The movie aims to treat men and women equally and reflects on the complexities of relationships in today’s fast-changing times. This relevant theme provides both entertaining and thought-provoking moments, blending wholesome entertainment with an optimistic outlook on life. Julia, an optimistic and determined woman, is going through a tough time. She faces sexual harassment from her boss, loses her job the same week she’s evicted from her home, and has to care for her sick father. Her best friend helps her secure a job as a stripper at a nightclub. Enter Ricardo, a successful divorce lawyer, who spots Julia dressed as an angel at the club. He asks her to be his companion for a week, with the promise that it won’t lead to anything more than companionship. Little do they know that this act will change their lives forever.


José Antonio Varela is a Venezuelan producer and director who  directed and coproduced with SOMOS Films  the feature films “Especial” (2020) and “Un Cupido sin Puntería” (2021). With extensive experience, Varela’s debut film “La Clase” (2007) received Official Selection at the International Festival of New Latin American Cinema in Havana, Cuba, in the category of Ópera Prima. It also garnered Honorable Mention at the Cinesul Festival in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and recognition at the International Viña del Mar Festival in Chile and the International Málaga Festival in Spain. As a producer with SOMOS Films, Varela worked on “Especial”, which premiered at the Chicago International Film Festival and received the Silver Hugo Award, and “Un Cupido sin Puntería”, where he served as both producer and director.

SOMOS Films boasts a catalog of 14 productions, spanning genres widely appreciated by Spanish-speaking audiences. Romantic comedies, in particular, are immensely popular, blending elements that resonate with viewers. The company has produced feature films in various countries, including Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, and Peru, contributing to the growth of the local film industry and showcasing Latin American talent


ViendoMovies is a Spanish-language pay television channel that exclusively features contemporary cinema in Spanish, airing 24 hours a day without commercial interruptions. The channel is produced in the United States for the Hispanic market in that country and Puerto Rico. It is part of SOMOSTV LLC. For more information, you can visit their website at ViendoMovies and SOMOSTV.


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