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SOMOS Distribution, the global content distribution company led by Luis Villanueva and part of SOMOS Group (a group of independent entertainment companies), will attend the LA Screenings on May 15th and 16th. The company will be at the Century Plaza Hotel in Suite 919, where it will present attractive content to programmers and companies attending the event. SOMOS Distribution’s offerings will include new series and content from sister companies such as SOMOS Productions and SOMOS Films, as well as Turkish series, telenovelas, over 20 feature films, variety shows, and documentaries from their catalog.

The content from SOMOS Group’s sister companies consists of new productions and successful series. Among the new productions are ‘Gina Yei’ (24 episodes – 2 seasons - 60 minutes) and ‘Luci es el 7’ (20 episodes – 2 seasons - 40 minutes). ‘Gina Yei’ tells the story of Gina, who has won a scholarship to the prestigious Caribbean Musical Institute (IMC) located on the island of Puerto Encantado, considered the best place in the world to study Latin music and the birthplace of the successful reggaeton. Her ultimate dream is to compose songs for top artists and have her ideas and feelings known. Meanwhile, ‘Lucy es el 7’ focuses on the story of a Latin “K-Pop” group and the romance between Lucy and Anthony. The band needs 7 members, and Anthony has been lucky to find 5 of them. With the help of friends, Lucy will transform into a handsome boy and become the 7th member. Little does Lucy know that this move will make her Anthony’s biggest rival. In addition to these new series, two series that have already been well-received by the public will be presented: ‘Súbete a mi Moto’ (the story of the Menudo group, 15 episodes) and ‘Hasta que te Conocí’ (the story of Juan Gabriel, 14 episodes).

Apart from these contents, there is a robust offering of Turkish series for this market, in which SOMOS Distribution has developed significant expertise, having been at the forefront of their distribution. The group of Turkish series for the LA Screenings starts with ‘Bahar,’ a stellar drama with 114 episodes that has gained international acceptance in various territories. Produced by Mistco and Us Yapim, the series is directed by Emre Bahadır Çırakoğlu and Serkan Aydıner, starring prestigious talents such as Ali Yasin Özegemen, Turku Su Demirel, Hilal Yıldız, and Isabella Damla Güvenilir. ‘Bahar’ is a series produced in 2023 and has been well-received in markets like Israel, Romania, Russia, and Spain, among others. Other impactful Turkish series include ‘Amor en Renta’ (Love for Rent – Kiralik Ask) with 2 seasons and 202 episodes, featuring a wonderful chemistry between its protagonists, making it a fresh and successful romantic novel. ‘Ruthless City’ (136 episodes) and ‘Destiny’ with 202 episodes, both from Kanal D, are classic drama series with well-defined villains for afternoons and evenings. Additionally, complementing the Turkish offerings are two action-police series for nights or weekends: ‘Sifirinci gün – HORA CERO’ with 31 episodes and ‘Behzat C, Hammer & Rose’ (a crime/suspense series with 8 episodes), both dubbed in neutral Spanish.


It’s worth highlighting among SOMOS Distribution’s offerings non-traditional content such as the Greek telenovela ‘Sasmos,’ an attractive drama produced by J.K. Productions S.A/Alpha TV, consisting of 60 episodes. ‘Sasmos’ narrates the story of two conflicting families who initiate an endless cycle of blood and revenge on the island of Crete. This dynamic clashes with two young people experiencing love and coming face-to-face with their feelings. The series is characterized by an appealing cast and captivating scenarios. In the same vein, the company will present the humorous shorts from Enchufe TV, produced by Touché Films from Ecuador, at the LA Screenings. These cheerful and hilarious contents are assembled into 140 episodes of 30 minutes, satirizing everyday situations in an amusing and entertaining manner. The proposal is widely appealing to all audiences, parodying family gatherings, parent-child relationships, funny situations, and conversations among friends.

This diverse offering for the LA Screenings will be complemented by SOMOS Distribution’s extensive catalog across all genres (films, documentaries, humor, variety shows, etc.). High-ranking executives Francisco Villanueva and Mariana Villanueva will attend the event on behalf of the company. 


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