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ViendoMovies premieres "Así Habló el Cambista"

MIAMI, Fl., March 2022 –ViendoMovie, the movie channel in Spanish 24 hours a day and without commercial breaks, owned by SOMOSTV (company chaired by Luis Villanueva and part of SOMOS Group), presents the exclusive premiere for this Saturday, 26 March, the co-production of Uruguay, Argentina and Germany, Así Habló el Cambista. This film is part of the channel's programming strategy, which presents a selection of high-profile and quality film titles in the Hispanic market in the United States and Puerto Rico and from countries with the greatest tradition in the film industry in Spanish.

Así Habló el Cambista is a satire that was selected to represent Uruguay in the Best International Film category at the 92nd Academy Awards. It narrates the life of Humberto Brause (Daniel Hendler), an ambitious money launderer, who in the 1970s agrees to a money laundering plan in South America that leads him to a life or death decision. The script is based on the novel Así Habló el Cambista, published by Juan Enrique Gruber in 1979. The film is recognized for its artistic cinematographic quality and its photography, in addition to its excellent acting. Así Habló el Cambista is an Argentine film directed by Federico Veiroj, a Uruguayan director, who has been nominated 26 times at prestigious awards such as the Cannes Film Festival, and is also the winner of 16 of those nominations at awards such as the Academy of Arts and Sciences. Cinematographic of Argentina. Así Habló el Cambistahas as its main actors Daniel Hendler, who won the Best Actor award at the Berlin Film Festival, and Dolores Fonzi, who won Best Actress at the Argentine Academy of Cinematographic Arts and Sciences. The film premiered in the United States at the New York Film Festival. Así Habló el Cambista was nominated 5 times at recognized festivals such as Argentinean Film Critics Association Awards, Havana Film Festival, Munich Film Festival, San Sebastián International Film Festival and Toronto International Film Festival. Indeed, it was awarded as Best Screenplay at the Academy of Cinematographic Arts and Sciences of Argentina. ABOUT VIENDOMOVIES: ViendoMovies is a Pay TV channel that shows exclusive contemporary movies, originally produced in Spanish, without commercial breaks 24 hours a day. ViendoMovies programs its content in a premium and culturally relevant package and is produced in the United States for the Hispanic market in that country and Puerto Rico. ViendoMovies is property of SOMOSTV LLC. For more information, visit and


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