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MIAMI, Fl., May 2023 - ViendoMovies, the channel owned by SOMOSTV (company chaired by Luis Villanueva and part of the SOMOS Group) that programs the best films produced in Spanish, 24 hours a day and without commercial breaks, premieres this weekend the renowned film Matar a Pinochet, a dramatic film directed by Juan Ignacio Sabatini. Matar a Pinochet stars Daniela Ramírez, Cristián Carvajal, Juan Martín Gravina and Gabriel Cañas. It tells the story of Ramiro and Tamara, who together with their comrades in arms decide to carry out an assassination attempt against Pinochet, dictator of Chile between 1973 and 1989, in a traumatic period for the South American country.

The film is based on true events and located in Chile, in September 1986. The country lives 13 years of dictatorship, led by Augusto Pinochet. Tired of the situation, Ramiro and Tamara and their somewhat inexperienced comrades in arms plot an assassination attempt against the dictator. Tamara, at the head of the guerrillas of the Manuel Rodríguez Patriotic Front, sees only one solution... kill Pinochet. Tamara could have changed history, if not for espionage and betrayal. The film uses archive images to give context to a story that had an impact on the Latin American and international scene, showing the political and social situation of the time and the violence in the streets. Matar a Pinochet participated in the International Ibero-American Film Festival of Huelva (2020) and in the International Festival of New Latin American Cinema of Havana, being nominated for the Platino Awards for Ibero-American Cinema.

Matar a Pinochet is part of the channel's premieres for the month of May. ViendoMovies is characterized by presenting a selection of the best films originally produced in Spanish in Spanish-speaking countries, becoming an exhibition window for an industry that has attracted attention in the world of the Seventh Art. The channel's movies are exclusive, in a signal produced entirely in High Definition and with a premium on-air presence. The channel celebrates talent and the best films in Spanish in all genres with specific cycles, adding at the same time the coverage of the International Festivals where this type of cinema participates. The channel is distributed by cable and satellite companies in the United States and Puerto Rico.

ABOUT VIENDOMOVIES: ViendoMovies is a Pay TV channel that shows exclusive contemporary movies in Spanish, without commercial breaks 24 hours a day, in a premium and culturally relevant package. ViendoMovies is produced in the United States for the Hispanic market in that country and Puerto Rico and is part of SOMOSTV LLC. For more information, visit and


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