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ViendoMovies, the channel that presents commercial free exclusive films in Spanish (owned by SOMOSTV, entity part of SOMOS Group and led by Luis Villanueva) presents a Sunday lineup in July, starting at 9 PM, featuring a cycle of sports-themed films. This programming aligns with the excitement surrounding the Copa América, Euro Cup, and the upcoming Olympic Games in France. The channel showcases eight productions, including movies such as Cabarete (Dominican Republic, 2020), Campeones (Spain, 2018 0, Lo que siento por Ti (Dominican Republic, 2028), Los Futbolísimos (Spain, 2018), El Chata (Puerto Rico, 2017), Veneno (Dominican Republic, 2018), Jugando a bailar (Dominican Republic, 2018) and  Campeones: México Sub 17 (Mexico, 2018). 

The cycle begins with Cabarete (Dominican Republic, 2020), where a teenage kitesurfer prepares to compete professionally in the coastal city of Cabarete. However, he soon becomes entangled in an endless stream of intense parties that threaten to diminish the best in him. The film is directed by Iván Bordas Butler and features the world champion kitesurfer, Adeuri Corniel. Next, ViendoMovies features the box office hit Campeones (Spain, 2018), which tells the story of Marco, a basketball coach who must take charge of a very special new team. The movie received 13 awards and 31 nominations, including the 2019 Goya Awards (Best New Actor for Jesús Vidal), the 2019 Fotograma de Plata (Audience Award – Best Film, directed by Javier Fesser), and the Premio Feroz (Winner of Best Film, also directed by Javier Fesser).

The sports movie programming continues with “Lo que siento por ti” (Dominican Republic, 2028), which has received 8 awards and 9 nominations. Directed by Raúl Camilo, the film features performances by Félix Germán, Nashla Bogaert, and Frank Perozo. The movie is based on three parallel real-life stories: Ana, a single mother abandoned by her husband, is left alone with her two autistic teenage children; Jorge and Diana, a married couple whose relationship is crumbling and Carlos, a father of a child with Down syndrome, learns to appreciate life’s opportunities as he shares them with his son. Following this production, we have “El Chata” (Puerto Rico, 2017), directed by Gustavo Ramos Perales and starring Blas Sien Diaz, Alexon Duprey, and Modesto Lacen. Although Samuel has the talent to be a boxing champion, no one gives him another chance. Even Joe, his coach, now trains a new prospect and decides to put Samuel to the test, but the trials don’t provide for his family. Deep down, Samuel knows that no matter where he goes, the neighborhood remains a part of him.

“Los Futbolísimos” (Spain, 2018), directed by Miguel Ángel Lamata, continues this careful selection of films on ViendoMovies. This is an adventure comedy starring a group of children who, in order to save their soccer team, will get into all sorts of troubles where their wit and friendship will be put to the test. Following this, the channel presents “Veneno” (Dominican Republic, 2018), a story inspired by the character of Jack Veneno, a significant figure in Dominican wrestling from the past, and the magical world of Lucha Libre. The film is directed by Tabaré Blanchard and features Manny Pérez portraying Jack Veneno. The sports cycle continues with “Jugando a bailar” (Dominican Republic, 2018), directed by Roberto Ángel Salcedo and starring the renowned Fausto Mata: to get out of debt, two friends assemble a baseball team with the children from a ballet school, as winning the championship promises a juicy prize.


To close, ViendoMovies features “Campeones: México Sub 17” (Mexico, 2018), directed by Lourdes Deschamps. The film tells the story of a soccer coach and 21 players under the age of seventeen who achieved the remarkable feat of winning Mexico’s first World Cup. Beyond the soccer fields, the plot takes us through the adventures of the players and coaching staff on their journey to victory.

ABOUT VIENDOMOVIES: ViendoMovies is a Spanish-language Pay TV channel that exclusively programs contemporary cinema, airing 24 hours a day without commercial interruptions. It offers premium and culturally relevant content. ViendoMovies is produced in the United States for the Hispanic market in that country and Puerto Rico, and it is part of SOMOSTV LLC. For more information, visit ViendoMovies website and SOMOSTV website.


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