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ViendoMovies endorses our commitment to the promotion of Spanish-language cinema

Written by Maribel Ramos de Produ

This month ViendoMovies will be showcasing a group of films starring the Peruvian actor Carlos Alcántara, who has a great professional career in TV (series and novelas), cinema, and theater.

“With programming like this one, ViendoMovies confirms its commitment to promote Spanish-language cinema in its markets range,” said Luis Villanueva, president, and CEO of SOMOS Group of which ViendoMovies forms part of the SOMOS TV unit.

Each Sunday of August, the network will broadcast one of a set of films in different genres: comedy, drama, and suspense. The movies are Siete Semillas, Perro Guardián, Locos de amor 2, Asu Mare! 2 and Asu Mare! 3.

“We have 15 years opening doors to this cinema and satisfying the entertainment needs of the Latin market, which wants to enjoy films in its original language and with its stars. The film industry is driven largely by the knowledge, appeal, and popularity of its talent and artistic work, so opening these markets favors the growth of the industry in all its components. We hope that our audience will enjoy this selection of films by the best of our actors and actresses,” said Villanueva.


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