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Somos Productions, the television content production company part of SOMOS Group (a group of entertainment companies led by Luis Villanueva) finishes in the first half of December the filming of the series “Lucy is the 7”, a children’s and youth television series, in co-production with Piñolywood Studios. “Lucy is the 7” leverages the successful experience in this genre by the company and becomes part of the catalog with successes in the genre such as Gina Yei and Subete a Mi Moto, the story of Grupo Menudo.

“Lucy is the 7” tells the story of Lucy, a very imaginative girl who, to fulfill her dream, decides to join the “boyband” that her best friend Anthony is forming. Anthony is the boy she has always liked and who is determined to become a musical phenomenon like the K-Pop groups have achieved.

Lucy has no chance of belonging to the band because only 7 teenage boys will integrate it. But thanks to chance, Lucy gets the idea of pretending to be the boy who is missing and thus becoming “Lucas”, the singer who completes the group … And what at first seems to be a success, soon becomes a nightmare, when Lucy is discovered and the band fails miserably.

Lucy will learn that the only way to conquer success is by being herself, working as a team and creating the most original Latin rhythm that no group in the world has performed … And together with six friends, and especially with Anthony, Lucy will be the leader of a “boyband” where she “Is the 7”.

This musical series, of the fiction, comedy / teenage drama genre, will have more than 20 musical productions and will be distributed with two seasons of 10 episodes each. Something important to highlight is that “Lucy is the 7” combines a fresh and colorful visual style with an interesting graphic approach, in the style of manga and anime, interacting with “Live Action” as an element of the narrative.

The production period of the series plans to end its filming by December 15, 2023.

The series, written by Vladimir Pérez (who also acts as Showrunner) is directed by Raúl García and Javier Solar, is under the musical direction of Daniel Espinoza, the direction of photography by Willie Berrios and Robert Peña, the Production Design by Harak Rubio, the costume design by Julie Michelle Santiago, the general production by Inés Mongil and the choreography by Jonathan “Kicker” González, all under the executive production of Luis Villanueva, Carlos Nido, Ivanna Villanueva and Francisco Villanueva.


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