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Somos Productions Announces Agreement with Alianza Producciones To produce Uma Fantasma

SOMOS PRODUCTIONS and the Argentine production company ALIANZAS PRODUCCIONES, announced within the framework of NATPE the agreement for the co-production of the new youth series UMA Fantasma. The series is a musical with paranormal touches that has a very attractive plot where the main message is that there is an unknown world for us in the afterlife. The production is focused on the adolescent audience as the primary viewers, but this type of series present a “strong” messages that attract all types of audiences. At the same time, the idea that young people can connect and be entertained by seeing the characters having their same problems makes UMA Fantasma an attractive product.

Wendy is the protagonist of this story. She is an orphan, rebellious millionaire adolescent. Due to her misconduct at school, she is sent to live with a family where she rents a room. Right now, Wendy hates her life, she doesn't want to be there, until one day in her new "room" a teenager, UMA, appears and claims that this is her room. Wendy has been the first person to see UMA in a year, but in reality, Wendy is the only person who can see her. Together they will frame a link between the world of the living and the world of the dead.

UMA is presented in 1 season with 10 commercial time episodes.

Luis Villanueva, President and CEO of SOMOS Productions, stated: “UMA Fantasma is a series with an innovative and very curious plot that targets the most attractive audiences of the new platforms and also of the most traditional ones. Our partnership with Alianza Producciones guarantees a first-class product with wide distribution capacity in all windows. Both companies have the necessary experience to make UMA Fantasma another successful addition to the catalog and an enjoyment for the public.”

Javier Francia, President of Alianza Producciones pointed out: “UMA Fantasma, is written by Marcela Citterio, one of the best authors in the world for her successful child-youth stories. This guarantees the solidity of the script with a unique and never seen story, which, added to the production experience of Somos Productions and ours, ensures an original and excellent product.”

About SOMOS Productions:SOMOS Productions, LLC is an independent audiovisual production company based in Miami (Florida), led by professionals with decades of international experience producing interview programs, soap operas, plays and entertainment shows, among other genres. For more information, visit


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