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Miami. Lucy es el 7, the children’s and youth series co-produced by SOMOS Productions and Piñolywood Studios, entered the pre-production period in Puerto Rico, a stage focused, among other topics, on the preparation of the cast, the tests and rehearsals of the musical themes of the series. Lucy es el 7 includes a cast of diverse nationalities (Mexico, Colombia, Panama, Puerto Rico and other countries) and it is estimated to enter production in October, with expectations of being completed in the first quarter of 2024. Lucy es el 7 continues the successes of musical productions such as Gina Yei, Subete a mi Moto (the story of Grupo Menudo) and Hasta Que Te Conocí (the story of Juan Gabriel), where this association has produced entertainment of great popularity among Spanish-speaking audiences.

Lucy es el 7 tells the story of Lucy, a very imaginative and particular girl who sees the people around her as if they were characters from an oriental anime. She likes Anthony, a boy who struggles to be a popular singer and to have many fans who follow him on his networks. Lucy wants to become a great music star, and it would be much better if this happened with Anthony, her best friend. Lucy tries to make the dream that they both share come true but the truth is that Anthony is smitten by Jessica, the lead vocalist of “So Sweet”, a quartet of girls who have gained fame on networks and who have captivated the boys and girls of the academy where they study. The director Alika, decides to make a competition of musical groups in that institution and that they can participate and win the “Mega-SoundPop”, the great event where only the musical bands of greater projection in the digital world face each other. That’s when Anthony’s brother comes up with a brilliant idea… They must form a Boyband in the style of K-Pop… But like them they must be at least seven members. Anthony along with his brother JP, begin to organize a great casting to get the 5 remaining members of their new “Boyband” and Lucy decides to help them because she wants Anthony to win the competition and defeat the “So Sweet”. The Group, originally of 7, loses a member and so they can’t compete… Unless Lucy, who knows the song, participates… Lucy refuses, first, She is not a boy… and second she can’t dance! But there is no other remedy… Lucy, becoming Lucas, will be number 07!.

The musical series, of the genre fiction, comedy/teen drama, will have two seasons with 10 episodes each. Lucy es el 7 will combine a fresh and colorful visual style with an interesting graphic approach, in the style of Manga and Anime, interacting with the “Live Action” as an element of the narrative. The series is aimed at young people and teenagers, but because of its romantic, comedy, dramatic and musical content it will positively impact children and family group.

The series, written by Vladimir Pérez (who also serves as Showrunner) is directed by Raúl García and Javier Solar and is under the musical direction of Daniel Espinoza, the cinematography direction by Willie Berrios and the costume design by Julie Michelle Santiago, all under the executive production of Luis Villanueva, Carlos Nido, Ivanna Villanueva and Francisco Villanueva.


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