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SOMOS Films, the Spanish feature film production company operated by Ivanna Villanueva and part of SOMOS Group (led by Luis Villanueva), and Rodando Films, a production house established in Colombia and Venezuela, have begun the production of the feature film “Tres Días para Reconquistarla”, a romantic comedy whose filming started on March 18 in Bogotá, Colombia. With this new production, SOMOS Films expands its catalog to 15 fictional films, in various genres widely accepted by the Spanish-speaking audience. Romantic comedies are a very popular film genre, combining elements of great appeal.


“Tres Días para Reconquistarla” is directed by Carlos Daniel Malavé, a Venezuelan producer and director with whom SOMOS Films made the feature films “One Way” (2021) and “Amor en el Aire” (2022). The film tells the story of ALBERTO and CLARA, a couple who go to a swingers’ resort to try to salvage their marriage. There, they meet a beautiful woman named JULIA, who becomes the apple of discord when she falls in love with Clara. What seems like an adventure typical of these places becomes complicated when Clara confesses to her husband that she also likes Julia and that she has already had bisexual affairs. Hurt and deeply in love, Alberto will do the impossible to win back his partner, with the help of his new best friend G, the resort’s bartender and twin brother of his best friend C.


Tres Días para Reconquistarla” stars Spanish actor Alvaro Benet (Sin Senos no hay Paraiso, Telemundo and Mil Colmillos, HBO) in the role of Alberto; and Colombians Carolina Piedrahita (Without Breasts There Is No Paradise, Telemundo) as Clara, Gloria Montoya (Piedra, Papel o TijeraLa Sangre y La lluvia) as Julia, and Julián Caicedo (Juanpis González) as G and C.


Ivanna Villanueva expressed her satisfaction with this production: ‘With ‘Tres Días para Reconquistarla,’ we continue our fruitful relationship with Carlos Daniel Malavé, with whom we have produced entertaining and quality films. The movie has the necessary elements of humor and romance in a unique context conducive to hilarious situations and a cast experienced and beloved by the audience.’


For his part, Carlos Daniel Malavé indicated: “I am happy with this new association with Somos Films and for the trust placed by its leader Luis Villanueva, to continue making films for the great Latin American audience. ‘Tres Días para Reconquistarla’ will be a very cheeky comedy that will also touch the audience sentimentally.”


Since 2018, SOMOS Films has produced 14 feature films in different countries, such as Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, and Puerto Rico, among others, stimulating the local film industry and the Latin American talent. The company has ventured into different themes, including comedy, historical drama, melodrama, thrillers, and fiction, proving its flexibility in dealing with various subjects.


SOMOS Films LLC is a company specialized in the production of Spanish-language films and is composed of a team of highly specialized professionals. SOMOS Films is part of the group of companies SOMOS Group and participates in co-production projects and its own productions. The company generates, evaluates, and develops ideas, with a philosophy of flexible participation in the different phases of film production.

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