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Miami- Luis Villanueva, the renowned media entrepreneur, President and CEO of the Spanish-language entertainment group SOMOS Group, announced the creation of SOMOS Fast, a company dedicated to the production and distribution of free linear channels supported by advertising (Free Advertising Supported Television), including Video On Demand content.

The Fast channels market is a growing segment and a novel distribution window. SOMOS Fast enters the market initially with its channels Cine en Espanol and Cine de Horror, focused on one of the most popular genres in Fast channels and that synergize with the Group in companies such as SOMOSTV and SOMOS Next.

SOMOS Fast, which includes Luis Guillermo Villanueva as VP and COO of the company, leverages the relationships with the producing and distributing companies of Spanish-language cinema, on the one hand, and on the other hand, the Group’s experience in the production of linear channels. SOMOS Group through SOMOSTV produces and distributes the channels ViendoMovies and Semillitas, characterized by a premium on-air presence, used to package recognized films and first-class animation. This experience adds value to Cine en Español and Cine de Horror, with branding elements and programming support through promotions and other brand identity interstitials. Both channels are widely promoted through websites and social networks. SOMOS Next contributes its relationships and experience in digital distribution, which has turned its services FlixLatino and Pinguinitos into growth options in the Video On Demand by Subscription segment.

Cine En Español and Cine de Horror are accessible to pan-regional audiences (North, Central and South America) for free and with a commercial load that does not prevent the enjoyment of their content. Cine En Español programs movies of all genres and from all Spanish-speaking countries. Cine de Horror programs movies of the horror and suspense genre, appealing to the Latin audience who likes these emotions. Both channels are distributed to the Fast channels platforms and the connected TV segment.

Luis Villanueva expressed his satisfaction: “with SOMOS Fast and its channels Cine En Español and Cine de Horror, the Group manifests its mission to stay at the forefront and update in an industry that adapts to the opportunities offered by digital distribution. SOMOS Fast is also a sample of the operational synergies of the companies. These channels will represent an important source of revenue for the group and its partners in this venture”.

Luis Guillermo Villanueva, COO of the company stated: “at SOMOS FAST we have a human technical team with the creativity and experience to produce signals that give a personality and brand identity, differentiation in quality that, together with the content, will be the key for this very interesting market in the new digital distribution. We have the experience in digital marketing to achieve penetration and positioning for the benefit of advertisers and the general public. Cine En Español and Cine de Horror have an advertising inventory and a programming structure that facilitates their monetization, while maintaining the attractiveness for the audiences.”

SOMOS Fast plans to expand its channel portfolio in the future with two additional channels also based on its strengths and that will be announced soon. The Fast channels are delivered through Amagi, a company that provides production and playout services and connectivity with the platforms. Both channels already have a significant portfolio of connected TVs and platforms few months after their launch.


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