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SOMOS Distribution Presents At The L.A. Screenings A New And Exclusive Offer

MIAMI, Fl., May, 2021 – SOMOS Distribution, the independent audiovisual content distribution company chaired by Luis Villanueva, has confirmed for the L.A. Screenings event a new offer of varied genres. Among the products to be presented are the comedy series Enchufe.TV, Ginayei (musical teen drama series of SOMOS Productions that is in production stage), the Polish soap opera Recipe for Life, the youth series also co-produced by SOMOS Productions Galope and Ella es el 7, the acclaimed series Súbete a mi moto, the drama series Juegos Interrumpidos and La Fuga and soap operas from the RCTV International catalog such as Mi Gorda Bella and Piel Salvaje, among others. The offer, complemented by other contents from the company's catalogue, is intended to meet the demand during this pandemic, and the possible exit from it, which has made the distribution work more complex.

Enchufe.TV, it is a humorous set of sketches where typical average Latino characters, such as the weird and annoying friend, or the girl everyone wants and the boyfriend who doesn't understand hints, develop in satirical mode. This 30-minute comedy series, with more than 24 million followers on the internet, has made its migration to television in times when humor is welcome. On the other hand, Ginayei is a promising series aimed at youth audiences. Thanks to her talent for lyrics, Gina has won a scholarship to the prestigious Caribbean Music Institute considered the best place in the world to study Latin music and be the cradle of the successful reggaetón, but when she arrived at the Institute things will be immensely more complex than she expected.

Two other youth series featured at LA Screenigs are Galope and Ella Es El 7. In Galope two stubborn sisters dream of becoming famous singers. Their mother's sudden death returns them to "Galope", a small town in Mexico where the sisters will discover the various ways of loving, humility and succeeding in life. In Ella Es El 7, Lucy dreams of joining the first Latin "K-POP" youth band, but it will not be possible as this group consists of 6 members and only "boys". Her solution will be to become the extra boy, she will become the "number seven"!

SOMOS Distribution also promotes the Polish novel Recipe for Life. When her boss turns her back on her, her husband finds a younger woman and raising her teenage daughter is a challenge, a woman tries to find new proportions of her dreams, passions and freedom. With her culinary passion, she will manage to turn her own existence, even though life does not always go according to the recipe.

Expanding the offer of telenovelas, the company presents the catalog of dramas, finished series and screenplays of RCTV International where Mi Gorda Bella and Piel Salvaje stand out, successful dramas that tell the stories of strong and independent women who believe in love. Other successful hit dramas available include Abigail, La Trepadora, La Mujer de Judas, La Soberana, Carita Pintada, Mariúm y Eneamiga, among others. These are timeless plots, with high ratings in countless territories.

The series are completed with the successfully placed series Súbete a Mi Moto, which shows the story of the famous band "Menudo" from its fame momentum to the stage of its decline. Another series to present is Juegos interrumpidos, a co-production between the Phoenix Group and SOMOS Productions based on the violent reality of children trafficking experienced in Mexico today. La Fuga is the story based on real events of 5 prisoners from the Bausari prison who make everyone believe that they have managed to jump the prison wall and flee, when in fact, they hide in a roof hollow while digging a tunnel in the underground to escape from real prison.

This varied range of genres by SOMOS Distribution, voiced by its executives, offers its customers content for a variety of audiences and in the formats of greatest popularity in consumption.

SOMOS DISTRIBUTION LLC is a first-class audio-visual worldwide programming distributor in all genres. Its business is built on the experience and deep knowledge of a multicultural sales and management team, with over 30 years of experience and strong industry ties. SOMOS DISTRIBUTION has the human and technical resources, along with the facilities necessary to ensure the most efficient, productive, and comprehensive coverage of all territories worldwide. Our sales and distribution capabilities enable us to exploit the commercial potential of traditional channels such as broadcasters, cable and satellite transmitters, to pay-per-view and the growing internet and video-on-demand market, along with all other platforms that have redefined the growth of the industry. SOMOS Distribution is characterized by its speed, dynamism and foresight in the market. For more information visit


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