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SOMOS Distribution, a global content distribution company led by Luis Villanueva and part of SOMOS Group, will attend Content Americas, an event to be held in Miami from January 23 to 25. They will present the prestigious Turkish series Bahar, a drama consisting of 114 episodes that has been well received internationally in several territories. The series, produced by Mistco and Us Yapim, is directed by Emre Bahadır Çırakoglu and Serkan Aydıner, and stars renowned talents such as Ali Yasin Özegemen, Turku Su Demirel, Hilal Yıldız, and Isabella Damla Güvenilir. Bahar is a series produced in 2023 and has been well received in markets such as Turkey, Israel, Romania, and Russia, among others.


Kader Oyunları (Bahar) is the story of a young woman who tries to maintain her kindness. After witnessing the murder of her father Harun, she tries to prove that Aysun (her stepmother) committed the crime. On the other hand, Bahar’s and Demir’s love, who met a few days before the murder, grows day by day and becomes more impossible due to Aysun’s obsessive attachment to Demir and her determination to win Demir at all costs. Bahar opens a professional training course to help housewives earn money in a poor neighborhood. The place she chose is the neighborhood where Demir lives. As soon as they meet, they start to clash. Bahar first takes a special dessert that Demir reserved for his sister and that he could not find anywhere else, and then destroys Demir’s motorcycle with her car. On the same day, as a result of sabotage, a fire breaks out on Bahar’s route and Bahar gets trapped in the flames. Demir saves the young woman’s life by entering the fire and pulling Bahar out. Aysun’s goal is to marry Harun, complete her revenge by killing him immediately after the wedding, and then start a new life with Demir, whom she is passionately in love with. Aysun, who carefully prepared her plan, convinces Harun to marry her quickly, and then kills him with her own hands. Although she tries to make Harun’s death look like a suicide, Bahar is after the truth. Aysun knows that Bahar heard the murder over the phone and decides to get rid of the young woman as soon as possible. An assassination attempt after an accident of Bahar puts her into a coma and when she wakes up, she loses her memory. Demir, who is in love with Bahar, establishes an emotional relationship that triggers the fight between her and Aysun and the investigation of a murder.


Francisco Villanueva, VP and COO of SOMOS Distribution, stated: “Exciting series like Bahar are a guarantee of audiences that, backed by the quality of Turkish series production, we are sure will be very attractive to our clients. A story full of details and ups and downs that keep the audience tied throughout the series, configure a high-quality product, as corresponds to a genre that has gained recognition worldwide and in which we have developed expertise at SOMOS Distribution. Together with the rest of the offer that we bring to Content Americas, Bahar guarantees us a successful market” .


Content Americas will bring together distributors, buyers, and producers of television content from around the world and kick off the calendar for the new year. SOMOS Distribution’s offer is made up of content produced by SOMOS Group’s sister companies, such as SOMOS Productions and SOMOS Films, in addition to Turkish dramas and an extensive catalog that includes soap operas, series, documentaries, and varieties. SOMOS Distribution will offer the series Gina Yei and Ella es el 7 of the youth genre, as well as Turkish dramas such as Sifirinci gün – HORA CERO, Behzat C, Hammer & Rose, a crime/suspense series with 8 episodes, Love for Rent – Kiralik Ask, and Destiny, produced by Kanal D, with 202 episodes.



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