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MIAMI, FL., August 2022 – Semillitas, the commercial-free 24-hour children's animation channel in Spanish, owned by SOMOSTV, (company chaired by Luis Villanueva), announced in June the license for the animated series Dumper & Skoop. The channel will premiere the series on the 20th of this month for its audience in the United States, Puerto Rico, the Caribbean and Central America.

The series introduces a world of animated toys, and what do the toys do when no one is home? Have fun! That's exactly what Dumper and Skoop, Oscar's construction toys, do. These toys come to life when their owner isn't looking and everything becomes adventure and fun. Dumper & Skoop, is a CGI animated series with 11-minute episodes, with a very high technical quality, especially in the use of colors. It premiered on PBS Kids in 2019 and is now coming to Semillitas in neutral Spanish.

Aimed at preschoolers (3 to 6 years old), each story is a mix of humor, fun and adventure. The series seeks to develop problem-solving skills in the little ones, while they learn the values of friendship and teamwork. The main characters of the magical and fun world of Dumper & Skoop are known as DUMPER, a very strong and sleepy construction vehicle, SKOOP, a bulldozer with leadership who needs to have everything in order. WHIRLY, a small and fast helicopter with big ideas, MAKE-M8, a highly advanced 3D printer that creates everything the team needs, and WAA, a baby car full of surprises and lots of curiosity. Meet them at Semillitas starting August 20.

Semillitas, launched in 2010, is characterized by programming a selection of the best international brand animation in a unique, culturally relevant graphic package, attending to the values and celebrations of the Latino community. Semillitas has been characterized by international growth in a highly competitive market, with frequent launches of content of proven acceptance. The Dumper & Skoop license enriches the channel's programming and joins other prestigious animation programs such as Pocoyo, Chuggington, Bob the Builder, Stories with Bears, Dr. Panda and many more.

About Semillitas: “Semillitas” is a Pay TV channel that programs animation 24 hours a day for babies and preschoolers, produced and distributed by SOMOSTV LLC. SOMOSTV LLC is a company dedicated to the development and promotion of Pay Television in the Hispanic market in the United States, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean, through the launch of television channels on all platforms with technical and creative excellence. . For more information visit


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