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SOMOS Next’s children entertainment service is available via subscription on Prime Video Channels

SOMOS Next (the Miami based online digital entertainment company that distributes content in the US, the Caribbean and Central America) and Prime Video launched the children entertainment service “Pinguinitos” in Mexico, as part of the Prime Video Channels. Pinguinitos is an SVOD platform targeting children with high-quality animation in a safe, secure and culturally relevant environment. This entry in one of the most important markets in the Spanish speaking world, is expected to facilitate the expansion of Pinguinitos in regional markets, as SVOD services grow in popularity.

SOMOS Next is part of SOMOS Group, a group of independent companies led by Luis Villanueva, dedicated to the entertainment business in all its areas (production, distribution and marketing), in different territories and specialized in Spanish language content. The company owns (among other properties) Pinguinitos, an SVOD service that offers branded animation, supporting parents by providing curated content to safely entertain and reinforce education in the most vulnerable audience segment. The role that audiovisual entertainment plays in modern households and the danger of exposing children to inappropriate content, makes Pinguinitos an attractive proposition for concerned parents at this time of content explosion. The availability of services of this type is especially important in territories where demographics show a sizable and growing children segment (opposite to some aging countries).

Pinguinitos delivers prestigious series such as Angelina Ballerina, Pocoyo, Little People, Doozers, Fireman Sam and others, produced specifically for preschoolers. The series are violence free and without commercials, in keeping with experts’ recommendations for entertainment targeted to this demographic at an age when fantasy and reality differentiation is not yet fully developed. Supporting formal education and positive social skills are also part of the service’s goals, as well as the preservation of Latino cultural family values. The technological team at SOMOS Next, makes sure that the service is competitive with subscribers’ features that facilitate content consumption and discovery.

Luis Guillermo Villanueva, COO of SOMOS Next, declared: “we are very happy with this launch with Prime Video. There is no better partner at these times of the growth in streaming content and we share the mutual goal of providing first class entertainment to the Latin American family. We make sure to work with parents in providing a safe space for the little ones, with the best content curated by our international acquisition staff. This launch will take Pinguinitos to the next level in a key territory and we look forward to keep strengthening our relationship with Prime Video.”

With a monthly subscription of 58 pesos, viewers will be able to use the Prime Video app to watch Pinguinitos content on TVs and on connected devices, including Fire TV, mobile devices and online.

About Pinguinitos: Pinguinitos is an Internet (OTT) entertainment service that offers safe and educational branded and international animation in Spanish, targeting Latino children from 0 to 5 years of age.Pinguinitos belongs to SOMOS Next, LLC, a company focused on the commercialization and distribution of paid audiovisual content primarily in Spanish in the online environment, either linearly, on demand or any other current or future form. SOMOS Next offers online content audience under their brands Pinguinitos and FlixLatino (movies, series and other fiction formats.


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