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SOMOS Distribution (a global content distribution company part of the SOMOS Group and led by Luis Villanueva) presents at the LA Screenings the successful Greek drama “Wild Bees”, produced by JK Productions and which has been one of the most successful series in the history of Greek Television, also with great acceptance in its international distribution. “Wild Bees” is a historical production that takes place in 1958, having received positive reviews for the quality of its production and acting.

“Wild Bees” tells the story of three sisters (Eleni, Asimina and Drosso) who, after the death of their father, try to survive alone in the town of Diafani, located in the harsh and patriarchal society of the Thessaly plain. The richest landowner in the area wants his son, Sergios, to marry the eldest of the three girls (Eleni), to take over his estate. This event triggers a cycle of revenge, love and pain between the two families, with the entire town as a witness and with irreparable consequences. The production incorporated a casting of theater actors and remote locations, not very accessible to civilization, which contributed to the quality of the series. The series consists of 125 60-minute episodes and stars Maria Kitsou, Elli Tringou, Dimitri Gotsopoulos and Danai Mihalaki, among others, under the direction of Lefteris Cheritos, Spyros Michalopoulos and Stamatis Patronis.

“Wild Bees” was met with resounding success on Greek television on Antenna TV, with audience shares of up to 40% and an audience of up to two million viewers, averaging 1.7 million per night. This receptivity has been confirmed in international markets, having been broadcast in the United States, England, Russia, Germany, France, Canada, Australia and the Philippines, among other countries.

Francisco Villanueva, VP and COO of SOMOs Distribution declared: “Wild Bees is in the tradition of great international dramas distributed by our company, in its effort to offer our clients the best and most select genres of international television for large audiences. The history and results of this series in international markets ensure its receptivity in markets where television drama is so popular. Wild Bees stands out at a time when audiences demand good stories with excellent production and we are aware that this content is a spearhead in our offer for the LA Screenings”.

In addition to Wild Bees, SOMOS Distribution's offer at the LA Screenings presents “Love for Rent” and the Greek drama Sasmos; (the successful Ecuadorian production of 72 episodes that satirizes everyday situations in an entertaining and hilarious way); the Novocomedy shorts, (more than 4,000 hours of humorous shorts); RCTV Internacional's catalog of telenovelas (including Mi Gorda Bella) and also the series Almas en Pena (13 episodes) and the series Arenas. Finally, SOMOS Distribution, among other SOMOS Productions projects both completed and in development, will present La Muerte del Rey and series for children and teenagers. La Muerte del Rey is an 8-episode political thriller produced by SOMOS Productions and Imagia Films.

The LA Screenings will be attended by Francisco Villanueva, VP and COO of SOMOS Distribution, and Mariana Villanueva, Sales Manager of the company. SOMOS Distribution will be located in suite 756 of the Fairmont Regency Century Plaza.


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