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Gina Yei: who's who in the new Disney+ series

The new production that arrives this week at Disney+ presents a talented and young cast to tell the story of incredible characters.

Music, Puerto Rican beaches, and a teenage story: Gina Yei #ConTodoElCorazónYMás is the new original series that arrives on the streaming service this January 11 with all its episodes available.

The new production follows Gina, a very creative teenager who won a scholarship to attend a prestigious institute specializing in reggaeton, where she longs to fulfill her dream of writing songs for the most recognized artists in the genre.

Made by Somos Productions and Piñolywood Studios, Gina Yei #ConTodoElCorazónYMás stars a talented young cast led by Didi Romero (Gina Yei) and more artists who will soon win your heart. Please get to know each one of them!

Who's who in Gina Yei #ConTodoElCorazónYMás

-Didi Romero is Gina “Yei”.

-Gabriel Tarantini is Manu.

-Felipe Albors is Jayden.

-Ana Gabriela Wolfermann is Ruby Rubí.

-Angely Serrano is Lucia.

-Adriana Fontanez is Vero.

-Juliana Rivera is Isa.

-Kristal Xamairy is Cami.

-Gabriela Santaliz is Miky.

-Mia Blakeman is Amy.

-Gerald Manso is The Angel.

-Gustavo Rosas is Dj Noah.

-Jacnier Rios is Luis Diego.

-Abdiel Morales is Fabian.

-Brian Den is Adrian.

-José Cancel is Jairo.

-José Brocco is Mr. One.

-Alfonsina Molinari is Rocío.

-Isel Rodríguez is Valentina.

-Ely Cay is Salvador.

-Wanda Sais is Laura.

-Oswaldo Friger is Professor Hansel.

-Krystel Ogando is Professor Cassandra.

-Ashley Rivers is Professor Aurora.

Gina Yei: discover each of the characters on Disney +

Starting this January 11, you will be able to share great moments with each of Gina Yei's characters in the series that will be available on Disney+.


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